12-30-11:    Links area

The Links area is getting a long overdue update

12-11-11:    Body of Proof

Jeri is currently appearing in Body of Proof an ABC Tuesday nights in the US at 10 PM


Dear Friends, I want to officially announce something many of you know already. I closed the restaurant December 31, and have no plans to for a re-opening. The last 2 years were very difficult for Ortolan with this economy and concept.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you fot your patronage, friendship and support.

I will take a break for a few months to finally be able to travel and breathe! I hope you will follow me on my next adventure.

You can follow me on Twitter @ChefEme, find me on facebook or email me at:

Merci for all your support for the past 6 years!

I really enjoyed cooking for all of you. Christophe(thanks to Christophe Eme for the news.) 

5-25-10:    I have these 3 addresses for fanmail and autograph requests. They are:

Jeri Ryan
PO Box 260098
Encino, CA 91426-0098

Jeri Ryan c/o Chuck James
10250 Constellation Blvd
9th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90067
United States


Jeri Ryan
c/o Kyle Fritz Management
6325 Heather Dr.
Hollywood, California 90068
United States

Try sending it there with a self addressed stamped envelope, if you're requesting an autograph (or a reply).

5-24-10:    Jeri is on Twitter. Yep it's really her. Her username is @JeriLRyan. She seems to really be having fun with it. She requesting that her followers also follow Christophe @Chefeme.(thanks to mogulmouse for the news.) 

ABC formally announced the new fall schedule. Body of Proof will be on Fridays at 9 PM after Secret Millionaire and before 20/20

5-14-10:   Body of Evidence is now Body of Proof and the cast includes Jeri Ryan, Dana Delany, Geoffrey Arend, Nicholas Bishop, John Carroll Lynch, Windell Middlebrooks and Sonja Sohn

also Jeri will be appearing at Creation Entertainments Star Trek Convention in Parsippany, New Jersey August 13-15, 2010 (thanks to mogulmouse for the news.) 

5-11-10:    ABC will hold it's upfront for the 2010-2011 season on May 18th when the network will formally announce if "Body of Evidence" will be on the fall schedule

5-1-10:    I have begun to make updates to the Jerioholics site. The first one, which should not be hard to find, has been finished. I hope to complete many more in the near future. Carl"

4-14-10:    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jeri has landed a regular role on the ABC pilot Body of Evidence. She will play the chief medical examiner and boss to the main character on the show..

10-1-06:    Don't forget to catch Jeri on the new primetime series, Shark on CBS on Thursdays! She plays the character Jessica Devlin and it airs at 10:00 PM EST/PST.

My e-mail has changed, if you click on the e-mail link you'll see that it's changed to Thanks!

11-16-05:    ok so, i'm redesigning the site.. again.. and i think this time it's going to look better than ever, with easier navigation and more fancy lookin' stuff. one of the things i'm redesigning is the picture section. i've done a test page, and i'd love to hear what you guys think of it. it's right here, in the picture section. check it out and let me know wut u think! if it doesn't look any different than before, press refresh.

11-06-05:   Click here to download Jeri on Craig Furguson.  (thanks to TRexx for the vid!) 

11-02-05:   i'm going to tape Jeri on Craig tonite and try to get it up in the media section. no guarantee it'll work cuz i've never done this before, but i'll try! if anyone knows how to make to do it and is able, i'd appreciate u sending it to me so i can post it. thanks. :-)

11-01-05:   Jeri's going to be on the Craig Furguson Show on Nov 2nd at 12:35 am on CBS. She's also in the latest issue of TV guide on page 77.  (thanks to ROSA and HOVE for the news.) 

10-04-05:   congratulations jeri on your beautiful appearances on the O.C. these last few thursdays; we're looking forward to seeing you on the rest of your remaining episodes on the show!

check out the october issue of INSTYLE magazine, as jeri is featured in it this month's issue. It includes pics of jeri and her boyfriend christopher, their home and their restaurant.  (thanks to ROSA and HOVE and Teya for the news.) 




2/2/11 - New News!

5/25/10 - Updated Address!

It roughly costs about 100 US dollars a year to keep Jerioholics up and running with hosting, the domain name, and enough bandwidth to accommodate all the visitors.  if you'd like to help financially to cover these costs, all donations are appreciated! thank you!

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4-9 2 PM Leverage TNT

4-9 5 PM Leverage TNT

4-10 10 PM Body of Proof ABC

4-13 7 AM Dracula 2000 Bravo

4-16 7 PM Two and a Half Men F/X

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